The key to a perfect pout is well-nourished lips in tip top condition. With the right lip color, you can upgrade your look in seconds; from subtle stains to high-impact pigments, we’ve got just the colors to make the transition from the office to the dance-floor.  Our collection of Lip glosses and Lip liners give you a prolonged Lip color experience.



Combining Majic Beauty’s newest technology and Grace Mammone’s rich sensibility, Majic Beauty has created a stylish, yet personal range of colors, delivered in incredibly luxurious textures.

The “everyday selection of” colors are simple, unpretentiously chic – allowing a woman to express her natural self.

The “surprising” colors allow for a bolder form of self-expression. No matter what the occasion or your mood of the moment, the collection offers just the right shade.

“Adding color to your lips is the most symbolic gesture of feminity…The large selection of colors we are proposing at Majic Beauty should make every woman consider her lipgloss as a true accessory.

Grace Mammone, Majic Beauty Makeup Artistic Director


Lip Gloss

Accentuate lips’ natural beauty with wonderful staying power and lasting impact of Majic Beauty's “Lip Gloss”.

“You will be surprised what the shades a color makes to your lip's!”

Our moisturizing glosses in radiant Colors with matching lip liners. Carefully formulated with an anti-ageing and plumping formula.

Lip-gloss, non-sticky and long-lasting giving you soft, smoother and fuller lips with gorgeous shine.


Lip Liner

Majic Beauty’s "Lip Majic" increase the lasting power of a lipgloss. Contour your lips with our smoothing "Lip Majic" in the color most appropriate with your lip gloss, so you can create the exact lip looks you desire.

Our "Lip Majic" is anti-ageing and moisturizing that will seal your lips in a perfect shape.

The ultra-smooth, weightless formulas combine the intensity of a color gloss look with the mirror-like shine.

  "Lip Majic" provides you with maximum high-shine coverage that ensures dazzling fuller lips for an all day long wear.

Perfect your lips with our range of lip makeup - glosses and liners. Our natural colors gives you that shiny sheer Plump finish.