The Brand Ambassador Club

Work the way you want to live

Work the way you want to live.

Majic Beauty is introducing a new way to work in Thailand, as a Brand Ambassador for Majic Beauty you will represent one of the most creative & innovative beauty brands on the market today.

This is not an ordinary job.

Work when you want, where you want. It’s entirely up to you. Work on your own or with friends and travel to places you have never been to. Grow professionally and personally and experience the freedom of having a flexible lifestyle.

It's all about innovation.

We want the world to move forward. The role of the Brand Ambassador is to introduce creative beauty innovations to the people of Thailand - and give them a better product experience.

The benefit of being a Majic Beauty Brand Ambassador

We believe that at the heart of every great brand experience is a great brand ambassador. We can safely say, no other company goes to the lengths that we do to recruit, train and motivate our staff.

Freedom & Flexibility

Set your own schedule, and go wherever you want. It’s all pretty simple, and it’s all up to you.

Professional Development

You will gain valuable skills in sales, marketing and brand representation. Real and useful skills, which will always be in demand.



Represent The Best

As a Brand Ambassador you will represent one of the world’s most innovative beauty brand and together you´ll move the world forward

Global Community

There’s a growing community of Majic Beauty Brand Ambassadors, from all over the world. Join us and experience what it’s like to be part of something big



Unlimited Earning Potential

The size of your earnings will be equal to the size of your ambition and effort. Great performance equals great earnings.

Discover The World

Finance your trip while traveling. Majic Beauty Brand Ambassador Club was founded to help our Ambassadors to grow and discover the world


 If you would like to know more about our Brand Ambassador Club Program, please contact Us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.